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Ms. Render on Hats…

Sometimes hats just make you truly  SHINE. Recently we interviewed Santina Render , from  Cary, North Carolina, about her hat choices.  She is a graduate of Syracuse University , and majored  in Mathematics.


Why do I love  hats?

‘I look great in hats. The right hat brings an elevated elegance to a dress or a coat.’

When do I wear hats?

Santina is  surely a Southern Belle. She seems to love the sun and  wears hats when socializing  with friends.  She comments:

‘I wear hats mostly to church. I will wear to a gathering with ladies for lunch or breakfast. I will wear  a hat with a sun dress for a stroll in the sun. ‘

 On Legacy…

Wearing hats is part legacy and partly, just me. My mom loves the hats she wears and my grandmother (father’s mom) had many hats. But all her hats were gone from her house when she passed away. I was really sad because no one in the family had them.

Santina says she  also  gains her style from her former first lady,  ( Jahnaje Alex of  Victory Temple, Syracuse, NY )  who had an amazing collection of hats. I have yet to find out wear she gets them from. I would like to own hats of a better quality than your average department store.

Hats generally accentuate my personality.