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Jodie’s Take on Fashion & Beauty

We love how women shine when they are working for the Creator,  God!

Jodie Johnson is the owner and Creative Director of Agape Couture Productions LLC. Agape is a unique business designed with you in mind. Agape Couture Productions specializes in fashion show production, fashion photo shoots and wardrobe styling. In 1999, Jodie Johnson began conducting fashion shows for churches and the first show was for her mother-in-law’s church. In 2002, Jodie officially launched Agape Couture Productions. The name of her company was dropped into her spirit during her quiet time with God.

Growing up, Jodie always was a fan of fashion and fostered her gift of being able to put just the right clothes together. She always had a sense of personal style and this was first shown in  middle school when she had a pink satin tuxedo with tails made for her middle school prom. Talk about birthing creativity!

Jodie suffered from self-esteem issues early in childhood and she continued to suffer until she went to college. Once she was in college, she blossomed as a person and came into her own. After college, she became a homemaker and took to the business of being a good wife and mother and somehow lost her identity and what was important for her as a person. She lost herself in those key roles and it did something to her that she lost the feelings that she had gained when she went off to school.

During her early 30’s, Jodie had an epiphany and began to embrace who she was and appreciate her own beauty. She decided that she wanted to share with other women the ability to embrace and acknowledge who they are as a person. Jodie is very sensitive to women who struggle with their self worth. Jodie’s word of advice to women: “Never depend on other people to define you. Look at yourself and know who you are and be comfortable in your own skin.”

One of the services that Jodie is most proud of that Agape Couture offers is the Project Epiphany service. This service is designed with the everyday woman in mind. It provides the everyday woman with an opportunity to have a professional photo shoot experience. Jodie arranges for a professional glam team to cater to a woman’s every need by identifying/finding the following: photo shoot location, hair stylist, wardrobe, make-up artist and photographer. It makes for a positive and transformational experience and helps to bring out the “inner diva” in any woman – especially an everyday woman.

Currently, Agape Couture Productions produces shows for Christian organizations featuring a combination of professional models and novice models. The mission of Agape Couture Productions is to provide their clients with an experience in fashion that leaves them not just entertained, but inspired and changed for the better. Jodie believes that God wants us to feed our own beauty and to be able to boost our own self esteem and be proud of who we are.

In October 2010, Jodie had a wonderful experience working with the fashion designer Kai Milla for the First Baptist Church of Glendarden’s Women’s Conference. Kai Milla was working with Jody long distance to ensure that everything was set up properly in order to feature her designs for the Women’s Conference fashion show. Jodie served as the Creative Director for the fashion show. Jodie still maintains a working relationship with Kai and continues to discuss the latest in the fashion and receives advice about the fashion world. Kai gave thanked Jodie both privately and while she was on stage with First Lady Trina of FBCG.

In March 2011 at the FBCG Women’s Retreat, Jodie conducted a segment called, “What Not to Wear.” During this makeover segment, Jodie taught regular everyday women how to dress for their body type starting with the correct type of undergarments. She took both “before” and “after” photos of the makeover participants. Jodie also taught women about body types and learning what your body type is and what clothes look best. In other words, Jodie taught women how to work with the shape that God gave them and how to take what they have and make it look the best that they can. Agape Couture Productions brings out the best in women and reminds me of the expression, “Show Me What You’re Working With!”