Gettin’ Your Model Moxie On!

This blog post was featured from the Model Moxie Blog by Jodie Johnson at  this link.

Have you ever found an outfit or accessory that, the moment you saw it and put it on, it somehow changed you? Made you feel different? I’ve had that experience numerous times, but most recently, after I found a red wool fedora. The moment I saw it in the boutique, I fell in love with it. I confess second-guessing myself for a bit, though. I’d never seen one that color before, and wasn’t sure I could pull it off. “It’s so bright”, I thought. “I’ve never seen anyone else with it.” I walked away initially, but couldn’t stop thinking about it. After contemplating it for a few days, I went back for it and I’m so glad I did.

Red Hat- jodie
That’s the power of fashion, I think. It can lift your mood, change your outlook or even give you confidence when maybe you don’t really feel it. It can also instantly change an otherwise ordinary outfit into one that stands out, sets you apart. Pictured here is a simple “I’d Rather Be Shopping” t-shirt dress/bodycon found at TJ Maxx, a Forever 21 denim button-up and gladiator heels ( By themselves, it’s a cute enough ensemble. Add that pop of color, that hat, though, and it becomes something altogether different.

So, I encourage you to find that piece that speaks to you, makes you smile, makes you walk a little taller. Maybe it’s a hat, a pair of shoes, a dress. Whatever it is, wear it boldly and with pride. (Don’t be afraid to shine. It’s your right:)


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When You Have Natural Hair…. & You Wanna Wear… A Hat!

As  hat lover who  blogs and writes for  HeadzUp hats,  ( Hello My name is Jennifer Owens)  … I often run into this issue, so it’s good to see  a few tips for hats for natural  hair and ” hat wearers.”  If you are a natural hat wearer, and  you look for big hats here are a few types here that may make you smile and I love the tip at the end to  buy hats that  work more with your hair type. And if you are growing your hair out, then  his REALLY matters, in a  HUGE way! Check it out,and leave a comment on what you think!!

 Stay tuned for a  few more videos  on this topic, because it can be a  challenge for

natural hair/hat wearers  to find the perfect hat!