The “Hat” Factor.

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Three reasons to wear a hat:

1. Hats Are Functional… How about that, hey have a purpose! They keep your head warm, cool you and they keep the elements of your face! How often do we think about hats doing all these things??! (Oftentimes people believe they are for style only.)

2.Hats Are Stylish!
I think we all know the inevitable!

3.Hats send a signal of STRENGTH.

Why do men in authority wear hats?
They often make a man look taller, and they offer a sense of authority!

Also Includes five things to look for when buying a hat…And nine styles of hats!


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Part 2: Interview with Tonja M Nair, Owner of Headz Up Hats!

Toinja McNair,Owner of Headz Up Hats
Toinja McNair,Owner of Headz Up Hats

What’s the hardest  business decision (or next to the hardest you ever had to make?)

 I’m currently grappling over a business decision right now as we speak, I’m praying and seeking direction as to weather I should keep my hair salon open and running or if that season is completely over. This is a very hard and serious decision . I continue to seek.
How do you define purpose and what do you believe your purpose is in life? Are you still on that path to defining it? What does it entail?
I look at material all the time that has to do with spirituality, physical, mental, and emotional well being. I’m passionate for coaching others in every aspect of life, where ever the need may be. I feel my purpose in life is to Inspire, Empower and Encourage others to exceed their full potential. I define purpose as: “someone having fulfillment from an act, deed or service that money can’t buy. “There’s a knowing on the inside that resonates as peace and well being that your fulfilling what you were meant to do on the earth. I do believe that I am fulfilling my destiny and I also believe there’s room for more growth and expansion in my life.
What is calling your name?  
(What makes you get up with eagerness and inspiration every morning? 
If I had to say what is calling my name it would be (SUCCESS) I believe there’s always work to be done!
The personal values that give me strength are the word of GOD! The business values that give me strength are my customers. Having the privilege to be able to supply them with a product giving them that personal touch, beats the idea that they could shop  on line or other places. This in and of itself  gives me great pleasure to serve them.
What personal and business values do you believe give you strength? And how have they transformed your ability to be courageous?
I believe that on a daily basis I do what I do ; and it’s called “Courage.” I believe  I’m courageous.  It’s a personal perception. The Bible says that “as a man thinks so is he” , and I would say, so he does. So when you see me know that I am doing ….as I think …and so I am  doing.

Interview with Owner at HeadzUp Hats, Tonja McNair

 Hello and welcome to  an Interview with Tonja McNair, Owner of HeadzUp Hats!

tonja and  customer
Tonja McNair, Owner of HeadzUp Hats, (right), and a cool customer!
 Hello Tonja… Who are you, and  What do you enjoy?
I believe what makes me who I am involves a host of ingredients. My faith is at the core of my essence. I’m a visionary, a serial entrepreneur  with three businesses I’m currently active in.  My personality, the gift to encourage, uplift, engage others and inspire are attributes that also add to who I am. Having an understanding of my God given purpose and destiny to me embrace these characteristics and  flow as this human being, known as Tonja.
I enjoy relaxation, reading, stimulating conversation, empowering others in health and wellness, family and close friends. I enjoy these things in my life because it allows me to not ”be on stage” but I get a chance  to receive in these times. I’m a strong believer in those who feel the need to be purposed.
Where did your passion for hats begin?
My passion for hats started as a kid.  I have never really given much thought to the ‘why’…but I  just found myself gravitating towards wearing them naturally. I remember my mom dressing me in hats as a kid on Easter Sundays she always dressed me “to the nines”.
What’s your leverage in your business?
What do you have own or perhaps  have  or  HeadzUp Hats have, in business that  others may not have?
With customer satisfaction at the heart of it all, I feel my leverage in my business is the longevity  I’ve had in the surrounding community. I believe I have a sense for what the customer is looking for in the fashion world from the head up! Being a key player in the appearance enhancement industry for 22 years is key. The fact that people find me easy to talk to, people like and enjoy my company, they feel I’m warm and  inviting, and enjoy being in my presence, also helps! People tend to let their guard down so with this combination of ingredients I’d say this works out to my advantage.
Stay tuned for part 2 of our interview with Tonja McNair, Owner of HeadzUp Hats