Tracey Reese, Fashion Designer

Tracey Reese in one of the top Women Fashionistas in the United States!

tracey reese

Reese is originally from Detroit, Michigan, and a graduate of Cass Technical High School. She recalls making clothing from scratch while growing up, alongside her mother, while they worked sitting side-by-side at their own sewing machines. In 1982, she moved to New York City to pursue her education at Parsons School of Design. After graduating with an accelerated degree in 1984, Reese worked under Martine Sitbon at the firm Arlequin. She worked at several top fashion design houses, and eventually became head of the Women’s Portfolio for Perry Ellis before launching her own label.

The Tracy Reese fashion label was launched in New York City in 1998. The Tracy Reese label produces both ready -to wear and resort wear. Plenty (2000) and Frock! (2006) were launched as mass market lines at a more affordable price range. Plenty has a focus on home fashions. Tracy Reese Black Label launched in 2009.

Tracy Reese designs are noted for their femininity and retro-influenced style; the textiles themselves make use of bright colors, elaborate graphic patterns, and a playful use of bohemian touches. Clothing and home fashions by Tracy Reese’s design lines are carried by retailers such as  Bloomingdale’s Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom’s.  The Tracy Reese flagship store in New York City opened in 2006. In a New York Times interview on the occasion of the store’s five-year anniversary, Reese expressed optimism about current trends continuing to support her design vision:

“We love pretty, we like beautiful, flattering, color! That’s what people come here for. There was a moment when big stores weren’t into that but our customer always was, and she was coming here”.

In 2011, a second exclusive Tracy Reese store opened, in Tokyo.

Tracey has a really cool website and blog! Click here  to read on!

Check out this video on her and her styles!

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Tyra Banks, A Key Woman in the Fashion Industry!

Tyra Banks, A Key Woman in the Fashion Industry!

Tyra Banks is a powerhouse of a woman. Besides her amazing wit, style and wonderful way of being absolutely herself and a woman with a strong identity, she simply rocks!

During the next month, we will be honoring women in the industry who have made strides in their careers in the fashion industry.
A few things you didn’t know about Tyra Banks:
Tyra Banks was a top Victoria Secret’s model
Tyra Banks went to Harvard’s Business school for fashion.
Tyra was raised by a single mother.
Tyra decided at a young age to be a Paris model and if it didn’t work she was going back to school.
Tyra was the first African American Model to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated,
In 2005, she left modeling to go to TV and in 2003 launched a talk show and do movies.
In 2009 Tyra was the highest paid woman in Prime time TV.

Kudos to you, Tyra Banks!