Why Don’t You Wear Your Crown Today?

When was the last time you wore something beautiful on your head as if it were a crown?
Whether it’s a head wrap, a hat, or the SUN, itself ( like this sister is wearing…) you need to grace yourself and you beautiful face with a CROWN… because you are worthy! I believe that ‘s the BEAUTY of wearing a hat, because anyone who wears a crown has a sense of honor and gracefulness. It’s automatic, and it’s authentically YOU.

(Special thanks to MyQuanya Parker, looking beautiful in this photo as she cheered on her son at a football game!)

What’s So Fascinating About Fascinators?

We interviewed Tonja McNair at Headz Up Hats to determine the inspiration behind the infamous Fascinators:
She indicated that the Kate Middleton Wedding as The Princess of England – was when the “fascinator frenzy” began to sprout up and become really popular. “The royal wedding sparked a lot of interest and I loved it all, she says.” Tonja says she did a fashion show for a local organization to do hats for them, and she loved working with her hands .

” As a child, I also did crafting at my church when I was younger and that’s where I realize I got started. I loved doing it then, and began to think about what I could do in my store.” Tonja says she started trying out a few things and this is what came from her work. I wants to begin to make hats for a long time. Milner Dave Brown, (a local hat maker) is an inspiration as well.

Tonja gave us a little education about hats: She says “A Hatter makes make hats and a Milner makes hats for females. ” A lot of male artist make most of the hats you see on women. ” Hat’s were a very big part of the everyday dress back in the 20’s and 30’s and it was the thing to do if you went out anywhere.” It was a huge part of your dress and very popular to wear hats and a part of socialization.