Kimula in her Clouche!

Why do you like to wear hats?
To keep my head warm. But of course, I must do it in style. It’s another way to promote beauty in my world :-).

Has wearing hats been in your family for a while?
Yep! My granddaddy JC Stenson could rarely, if ever, be caught without one on. It was his signature. And it was always a signal from my grandma Mae that we were “about to go somewhere” like in take a ride when she threw on either a scarf or an old garden hat. I would do my happy dance because I love to go places.

When do you recall enjoying the first time you begin wearing hats and what happened for you in that process?
Now… this is an interesting but hard question. I remember wearing bonnets (matching my Sunday outfits) to take rides with my great-grandfather on his mule and wagon around town. I wore it proudly like I was the Princess of Lagrange GA. You couldn’t tell me anything! But it was not until much later in life that I ventured to wear hats; like in my 30’s when I started to wear natural hair. It seems I became aware of more hat choices. Maybe I believed hat wearing was reserved for the elder women from church.

If you were to convince someone to wear a hat, what would be the reasons you would give?

They keep your head warm and are fashion statement.

When do you like to wear hats and on what occasions?
In fall & winter. At funerals. To football games. To the beach!