Hat Love ~ “Mom Pat”

OK,  WE have officially crowned May as  Hat Lover’s Month!!

Here’s a little about  our friend  Mom Pat :

Now, she’s not “Mom pat  to everyone, just  those who hold her dear and are privileged enough to know her sweetness!

Mom Pat  was looking so GOOD on  this past Easter Sunday that we decided to show how good she looked!  She’s been known to  host hat parties, so you may see her again on here, soon!

Pat Hunt  is very involved in the community on several levels. She serves at Union Baptist Church in Wilmington, DE. with the deaconness ministry, choir ministry, Christian Education ministry for adults and children, the women’s ministry and the benevolence ministry. When she is not down at the church she is the state local chapter director of the international diversity organization, National Coalition Building Institute.

Pat is also  a former chair of the board of directors for the Delaware Adolescent Program, Incorporated (DAPI). DAPI is a non-profit statewide agency that offers a High School alternative for pregnant and parenting teens with medical and social services for the teen girls to continue their education. Pat also worked in Philadelphia as the director of Customer Service at the American Law Institute. She retired in 2008 and lives in Wilmington. She has been married to Bob for 47 years and they have 2 adult daughters, Renee and Angela and two grandchildren, Adam and Ava.

Pat loves  traveling! She’s been to:  Venice & Verona Italy; London, Haywards Heath, Avon on Stratford, Dover, Britton Beach England; Barcelona, Spain, Paris & Cannes France; New Zealand; Sydney Australia; Israel; Scotland; Wales; Berlin & Bavaria Germany!

Wow.. wonder if she wears hats in all those places!

Hat Love: Norma Boyd

 Norma Boyd loves hats.  Can’t you tell? She had such pizazz when she recently wore this hat on  a  small trip with her family to Virginia Beach,  we asked  her could we post in on our blog!

She  is 32, and currently lives in  Montclair, VA. She just relocated from Texas with her family of 7  ( and counting…) and they are getting a home built in Spotsylvania, Virginia and loves taking care of her husband.  We interviewed Norma’s love for hats recently and she shared some wonderful insights about women and   the sex appeal of hats.

Why do you like to wear hats?
 I like the old-time look. Women used to look so modest, sophisticated and very sexy.
Has wearing hats become a regular practice or a legacy  to leave behind, for you?  
This is something that I want to just start doing for me. I love hats and the way a woman can wear it.
I am the first in my family to wear them, and I  actually hope to be able to pass this ritual down to my girls.
When do you recall enjoying the first time you begin wearing hats and what happened for you in that process?
 At the beach just recently. Made me feel more of a woman for some reason. Almost like a switch that made me feel so different and I loved it.
If you were to convince someone to wear a hat, what would be the reasons you would give? 
For women to look more elegant and sexy.  I feel women don’t have to show their body to feel alive and renewed. I absolutely feel that a hat can change a woman’s personality.
What ‘s the magic that happens when you put a hat on?
I feel like I stepped back in time during the “I Love Lucy show” women were different back then.
I feel more respected in some ways by men.
When do you like to wear hats and on what occasions?
Since I am new at this,  I still need to buy more hats I want to start trying to wear them during church, on the beach or whenever I can.