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Hat’s Off To A Wonderful Cause!


Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet has added another string to her bow by becoming an author – with a little help from her famous friends.

The Titanic star’s debut book, The Golden Hat, features self-taken photographs of celebrities – including George Clooney, Leonardo Di Caprio and Penelope Cruz – wearing her favourite trilby hat to raise awareness of autism.

The book was inspired by Winslet’s experience working on the 2009 documentary, A Mother’s Courage, about a young boy, Keli Dagmar, who has a severe form of non-verbal autism.

george clooney

George Clooney in the trilby. If he couldn’t speak but the hat enabled him to, he would say: ‘I’m sorry about Batman And Robin’

The name of the book, which was published last week, was taken from a poem by Keli.

‘In the poem, a magical golden hat enables him to speak when he wears it,’ Winslet, 36, explained.

Alongside the self-portraits are the stars’ responses to the question: ‘If you couldn’t speak but this hat enabled you to do so, what would you like to say?’


Actress Angelina Jolie, whose famous pout is the only part of her face visible beneath the trilby, says her first words would be: ‘Eat vegetables’.

Meanwhile, Clooney captions his picture ‘I’m sorry about Batman And Robin’ – a reference to his 1997 film that was voted the worst-ever by Empire magazine.

Actors Jude Law and Ben Stiller, actress Emily Blunt, Sir Richard Branson and U.S. Vogue editor Anna Wintour are among the other celebrities featured.

The Golden Hat is Kate Winslet’s debut book. It was inspired by her experience working on the 2009 documentary, A Mother’s Courage

Actress Marion Cotillard, who is pictured make-up free in a simple black T-shirt, says her words would be: ‘Silence is an energy; silence tells something; silence is a part of the world.’

Keli’s mother Margret – who was advised to put her son in an institution but instead embarked on a mission to help him integrate with society – wrote to Winslet asking for help  making a documentary about  the family’s plight.

Kate agreed to narrate the film for free and the two women became firm friends, together founding the autism charity Golden Hat Foundation.

Winslet, who says she came up with the idea for The Golden Hat while she was brushing her teeth one night, has described the photographs as ‘an intimate glimpse into the real world of these people lending their voices to those without’.

She added: ‘I am hoping to raise awareness about the challenges facing children with autism.’

kate winslet

All proceeds from sales of  the book will go to the Golden Hat Foundation.

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Kids & Hats ~ What A Dream!

Sometimes we are so mesmerized when adults wear hats, but OMG …

When a kid does, what a dream!

We are sharing hat love  for the month of June … HAT LOVE for kids!

Little Jackson Lee Swedenburg from Lawton, OK. wearing an awesome hat here! His father, Adam Swedenberg from Lawton, Oklahoma took the time to share his wonderful pictures and photography! Many thanks to his parents (Nakia and Adam Swedenburg) who are a military family and know how to keep their faith and family strong when they are apart!

Here’s what Dad has to say about his son Jackson’s fun with hats!

“We both love to wear hats. Jackson will usually wear hats on Sunday’s to church. He loves the attention!! Sometimes he seems to take on a different persona, like a hollywood baby. I’m sure he will continue the hat revolution as he gets older. He loves it, and so do we!! They seem to add a certain demeanor and change the atmosphere. We haven’t really been “Hat” people in the past… It wasn’t until Jackson was born that we started rockin’ different hats. Jackson’s Papa usually wears fishing hats. I think that’s why he likes to wear them also. “

Hmmm… I guess the Hat Mystery runs strong with kids, too, huh??

Nakia and Adam Swedenburg are bloggers and can be found at Hers & His Blogs at Her Fight of  and  His  Fight of – (How cool is that!)  – As they share about keeping the faith while dealing with the challenges of marriage, military life and mayhem.

*All photos courtesy of Adam  J. Swedenberg, photographer