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July Hatsplosion

It’s a 4th of July Hatsplosion

July 4 at 6:00pm in EDT

Headz up Hats in Rochester, New York


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It’s A 4th of July Hatsplosion! How Sweet It Is !
Greetings Headz Up Hats Family, Join Us For Our Pre FireWorks PartyFriday July 4th, 6-9ish

ShowCasing the Fabulous Art Work Of LuVon Sheppard Of Joy Gallery Professor at RIT, Explosive Laughter With Mr. Jokin Joe And Entertainment You Don’t Want To Miss!!! Sweet Potato Bake, Peach Cobbler And More to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth.

Hats All Folks!

Check us out on First Fridays!!

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What’s So Fascinating About Fascinators?

We interviewed Tonja McNair at Headz Up Hats to determine the inspiration behind the infamous Fascinators:
She indicated that the Kate Middleton Wedding as The Princess of England – was when the “fascinator frenzy” began to sprout up and become really popular. “The royal wedding sparked a lot of interest and I loved it all, she says.” Tonja says she did a fashion show for a local organization to do hats for them, and she loved working with her hands .

” As a child, I also did crafting at my church when I was younger and that’s where I realize I got started. I loved doing it then, and began to think about what I could do in my store.” Tonja says she started trying out a few things and this is what came from her work. I wants to begin to make hats for a long time. Milner Dave Brown, (a local hat maker) is an inspiration as well.

Tonja gave us a little education about hats: She says “A Hatter makes make hats and a Milner makes hats for females. ” A lot of male artist make most of the hats you see on women. ” Hat’s were a very big part of the everyday dress back in the 20’s and 30’s and it was the thing to do if you went out anywhere.” It was a huge part of your dress and very popular to wear hats and a part of socialization.