Get Some Sun , This Summer!

Get Some Sun , This summer.

Well, it’s almost here! Summer!!

This is Loretta .  One thing Loretta knows how to do is have fun, so I  asked Loretta what’ somethings she suggests for fun in the summer!

Here were her replies:

I participate in a lot of fashion shows.

I attend a lot if music festivals

I am also in a few small films.

I love rollerskating and working out.

Going to the beach hanging with my “two besties”.


What are the benefits of getting some sun??

Well… it has been known that simply getting some rest and fresh air can rejuvenate the soul. Read here for more on how to get way and make fun for yourself.

Sunlight can  affect your attitude. It can help  relieve depressive symptoms.

Sunlight adds to your productivity, and energy level.

Sunlight is a powerful healer and can help your mental health.  tonic, germ killer, remedial agent, and

Sunlight can relax you . (When you spend time in the fresh air and sunlight, your body drinks in their life-giving elements.

So put on your BEST HAT and get some fun in the sun!

It’s A New Day & Almost A New Year.

Photo By: You Are So Beautiful Photography By Jennifer Owens
Photo By: You Are So Beautiful Photography By Jennifer Owens

Soon the new year will be here, and you will have all types of resolutions to make and ideas and accomplishments on your task list.

We encourage you to begin the new year out with a new attitude.


in the Urban Dictionary is described as : 

Attitude that comes with the wearing of certain hats… 

Hats that are rare. 
Hats that (look) expensive. 
Hats that show authority. 
Hats that denote a fraternity or club/group.

Here’s how WE define ‘Hattitude’:

1. Hats that stand out.

2.   Hats that  are polished & pretty.

3. Hats that command presence.

4. Hats that BELONG and influence.

 If this is you then you need to visit Headz Up Hats.

Tyra Banks, A Key Woman in the Fashion Industry!

Tyra Banks, A Key Woman in the Fashion Industry!

Tyra Banks is a powerhouse of a woman. Besides her amazing wit, style and wonderful way of being absolutely herself and a woman with a strong identity, she simply rocks!

During the next month, we will be honoring women in the industry who have made strides in their careers in the fashion industry.
A few things you didn’t know about Tyra Banks:
Tyra Banks was a top Victoria Secret’s model
Tyra Banks went to Harvard’s Business school for fashion.
Tyra was raised by a single mother.
Tyra decided at a young age to be a Paris model and if it didn’t work she was going back to school.
Tyra was the first African American Model to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated,
In 2005, she left modeling to go to TV and in 2003 launched a talk show and do movies.
In 2009 Tyra was the highest paid woman in Prime time TV.

Kudos to you, Tyra Banks!