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A Little Hat Etiquette, Goes A Long Way…


Here’s a way step up the etiquette when you have a party or attend a few special places.

Not only is it important to wear the classy hat that stands out, but to also have those social skills in tact! Stay tuned for more this month.
Enjoy this video on hats to wear to special luncheons, and find out what the term “Diva Dorn ” means!

Pharell’s Mystique & Acclaim Isn’t JUST about His Hat!

pharell hat

Yes, Pharrell has made his hat style popular . His hat, made by designer  Vivienne Westwood, of the UK is taking storm for its uniqueness. (Whether you like it or not.)

Here’s what we really APPLAUD him for :

1. HIS COURAGE – for wearing a hat that’s totally different from the norm.

2. HIS DILIGENCE.  It takes a lot to make a 34 hour HAPPY video.

3. HIS STYLE. He’s a  pretty spiffy dresser and looks good MOST of the time.

4. HE Cherishes women. His wife is a beautiful model and fashion designer he loves dearly.

5. He simply COOL, because he celebrates being different. Check out his video on CNN that talks about being different. Read more on the hat man, here.

6. He loves  and preaches about HUMANITY & service.  Check out his Facebook page, he’s always talking about it. (Gotta love ’em!)

It’s A New Day & Almost A New Year.

Photo By: You Are So Beautiful Photography By Jennifer Owens
Photo By: You Are So Beautiful Photography By Jennifer Owens

Soon the new year will be here, and you will have all types of resolutions to make and ideas and accomplishments on your task list.

We encourage you to begin the new year out with a new attitude.


in the Urban Dictionary is described as : 

Attitude that comes with the wearing of certain hats… 

Hats that are rare. 
Hats that (look) expensive. 
Hats that show authority. 
Hats that denote a fraternity or club/group.

Here’s how WE define ‘Hattitude’:

1. Hats that stand out.

2.   Hats that  are polished & pretty.

3. Hats that command presence.

4. Hats that BELONG and influence.

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