Hat Love: Jodie Johnson

Jodie Johnson is a model and entrepreneur that lives in Washington, D.C.

Jodie seems to have that effect on fashion! When she isn’t modeling, she’s running her own business, Agape Couture.

We were able to pull aside this beautiful, cultured and  eccentric model and entrepreneur Jodie Johnson aside to ask her a few questions!

Why do you like to wear hats, Jodie?

I like hats because they create a mystique or persona that you might not otherwise have. I also like that they can add drama to even a casual outfit.

Is wearing hats a legacy in your family ?

I got my love of hats from my grandmother, who is NEVER seen in public without one. Even now at 94 years of age, she still has to have a hat on even just to go for a walk around her neighborhood.

Whats’  your earliest memory of when you began  wearing hats ?

I think I wore my first hat when I was about 9 or 10. My mother took me to a milliner in New York City (where I grew up) and had a gray one made especially for an outfit I was supposed to model in a show. I felt pretty special and grown up and fancy, just like my grandma.

Do you believe a hat can change one’s personality?

Yes, I believe a hat can change your persona. It can make a typically shy, insecure person feel a whole lot of swag.

What ‘s the magic that happens when you put a hat on?

Depending on the style of hat, I feel sort of ‘grand’,  ‘hip’ or ‘hood-ish’… it just depends on the vibe or flava’ I’m trying to give.

I like all kinds of hats: fedoras, newsboy caps, wide hats or a big brim Kentucky Derby-ish hats…I love them ALL. I’ve worn them with a nice dress or a suit, or with jeans and a t-shirt, or with a cute sweater to the movies… it doesn’t matter the occasion.

If I feel “the “vibe”, I just go for it!

Jodie’s mission of Agape Couture Productions is to provide their clients with an experience in fashion that leaves them not just entertained, but inspired and changed for the better. Jodie believes that God wants us to feed our own beauty and to be able to boost our own self esteem and be proud of who we are.

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