The Hat Mystery…

What’s the Mystery about Hats?

Some are cool. Some speak loudly to one’s personality, some  simply cute. And other’s completely  reveal the nature of a person. Yet there’s one thing that hats  conjure up: that’s  a mysterious  and curiosity that draws others.  Some think it’s sexy and  downright attractive. others tend to think hats are alluring and add a quality of intrigue to a person because they begin to act  more lively.  Hats add a certain level of boldness or courage to the scene they definitely stand out and attract attention. We might just take a few more risks with wearing a hat, if we were to wear one!  Some  who wear hats tend  to think it makes them feel “spunky”. The dictionary describes “spunky” as: one who has attitude or presence.”

Don’t you notice when you see a nice hat, you wonder what kind of person is wearing it? Or… you want to walk over and say: “Hello, …. ( and the very next word is): “where did you get that hat?” So we asked a few people:

 So…Why do you like hats?

  And here’s what we got:

“I love hats because they bring out your cute features and  every one has them, but when they put on a hat the features are accentuated!”

“I love hat’s because it allows you to show versatility. And you can show a different side of yourself with each different hat you wear.”

“You can cover up a bad hair day and still look cute!!”

“I like a man who is confident in his hat. A man in a good baseball cap brings me comfort. It’s even better if it means something to me. It reminds me of the boy in him. And then, for the younger men (like my son…) – they wear the “snap-backs” to look older, more masculine.”

” Hats are a sexy alternative to bad hair days! lol! also, I love to accessorize. A hat can turn a boring outfit into something  “HOT!! ”

“The ‘supremo’ is the swag my grandfathers donned with their old school hats –  was their signature. Set the stage for a man  with ‘ his style thing’ … hats having meaning to men.”

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